How it all began

My father was an artist and engineer. He had the best pen collection as a draftsman. I have always been interested in art, from a little girl I was attracted to it. Especially pen and ink. I used my fathers drafting set to draw, I would also use it to do my homework. I loved the way the ink flowed and the extremely fine point of the pens. In school, I would often write letters to my friends. I often found myself drawing each letter, perfecting my penmanship and doodling on all my letters. They were my canvas. My love of calligraphy and pen and ink was started. Every chance I got as a teenager, I was drawing. Anything and everything, I would draw my friends names, fantasy art any excuse to pick up a pen and paper.

My other love was makeup and hair. I went to college for Cosmetology and worked as a makeup artist at Glamour Shots. It was a way for me to be creative and support myself, my customers became my canvasses and I would see them transform. Life happens and I unfortunately was in a car accident when I was 18 and hurt my back. I had to make a career change, I knew it had to be a creative change. I went to an interview as a graphic designer to make signs, and the man interviewing me said I had no experience and he was sorry he couldn't hire me. So I signed the sheet of paper to say I had attended the interview and he looked at my signature and told me he made a mistake. He said anyone who signed their name that way deserved a chance. Yes! I got hired because of my signature. All those letters I wrote during school to my friends paid off. I spent the next 10 years as a graphic designer. Moved to the UK, got married, had a baby and then moved back to the states as a stay at home mom. Always keeping a hand in drawing, Esty emerged and I thought here is my chance to finally pursue my passion for art. I started selling on Etsy, calligraphy cards and pen and ink drawings. Then I wanted to try adding watercolor to my ink drawings, finally working my way to acrylics. I love all three mediums equally as much and is really giving me a way to express myself through my art and grow as an artist. I am inspired by creation and all things on it. Landscapes, seascapes, animals, plants all give me a reason to continue on creating. I also get to keep my hand in graphic design as I am able to make art that can be used as wall décor and also make them into digital images and design for mugs, tumblers and other products that people can give as unique gifts.

Art by Kikajo - I was called Kikajo by my family as a nickname. It was short for Krista Jolie. When my father passed away, I thought I would use the name he called me (Kikajo) to remember him by and because he passed his art genes to me.

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